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Please register all character accounts with first, middle, and last name, in full capitalization. Example: JANE ELIZABETH DOE.
Please remember to fill out all proper claims for your character, and post in code.
Students, please complie your schedules, and pm them to one of the staff members. Your final schedule will be posted here.

Welcome to KING OF NEW YORK, an academy of theatre arts role play set in the fictional Ripley Academy, in New York City. KING OF NEW YORK has no minimum word count, and no maximum character limit. Please feel free to look around, and join if you feel this is the right site for you. We hope to see you on the boards!

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The current Time/Season is Winter Semester, 2012-13 school year

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 Canon List Explanation

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PostSubject: Canon List Explanation   Sat Feb 09, 2013 11:09 am

Most sites that have canon lists will give you some pretty pictures of a face claim, a name, and every little detail about the biography of a character, and then get angry if you deviate from the biography that the administrators have written for them. Here on KING OF NEW YORK, that's nothow our canon list works.

Below is an example of what our canon list entries will look like

--- --- KENT

BIOGRAPHY: This will be completely written by the role player that takes a character. The biography that goes on this template should be at least two paragraphs, covering the character's history, and personality.

CANON CONNECTIONS: Here you will find any face claims that are connected to a character within the canon list itself

SUGGESTED/REQUESTED CONNECTIONS: Here, on open roles will be the name of a taken character that has requested that a certain face claim be connected to theirs. On taken roles, the list of the face claims that that player wishes to have connected to theirs will be here.

As you can see in the above template their are four spots for character traits. When filling out a template to claim one of these canons, please choose two positive, and two negative traits. If you need help finding these traits, there is a master list of positive traits here, and a master list of negative traits here If you need help getting your character's personality going try this master list of underused personalities here

If you ever need help, creating a canon, whether it be choosing which face claim to use, choosing traits, naming them, writing their biography, or suggesting face claims to be used in their plot, don't be afraid to ask a staff member, we're here to help. You can either message one of us, or post a thread in the Character Help Center

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Canon List Explanation
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