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Please register all character accounts with first, middle, and last name, in full capitalization. Example: JANE ELIZABETH DOE.
Please remember to fill out all proper claims for your character, and post in code.
Students, please complie your schedules, and pm them to one of the staff members. Your final schedule will be posted here.

Welcome to KING OF NEW YORK, an academy of theatre arts role play set in the fictional Ripley Academy, in New York City. KING OF NEW YORK has no minimum word count, and no maximum character limit. Please feel free to look around, and join if you feel this is the right site for you. We hope to see you on the boards!

Quick Stats:

0 Males 0 Females

0 Students (0 Male, 0 Female)

0 Staff Members (0 Male, 0 Female)

0 Family Members (0 Male, 0 Female)

0 Citizens/Others (0 Male, 0 Female)

We just opened on date here

There are currently no bans in place.

The current Time/Season is Winter Semester, 2012-13 school year

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Site Title and Category Lyric Credit: "King of New York" from the musical Newsies

Header and Sidebar Credit: Admin Samantha

Original Skin Credit: "Gazette white" by Katja at Hitskin

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 King of New York: Rules

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PostSubject: King of New York: Rules   Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:39 am

Respect the opinions of all the other members. No disrespect of any kind will be tolerated. If you have problems with a member try to work out these problems amongst yourselves before consulting an administrator.

Notify an administrator if you are going to be away from the forum for and extended period of time so your accounts can be saved. Accounts will be deleted after extended periods of inactivity (a month or more). Every two weeks there will be a pre activity check warning, withe the official activity check once a month.

Being ‘active’ does not include out of character posts. To remain active you must post in character, even if it’s just an IM, phone or journal post in the ‘Wait and see!’ section. This helps prevent people holding onto characters another person may want just by posting on an ooc game and not actually using the character at all.

The administrators of this site have created a canon list for the site, however, it will be up to the members to create the back stories for these characters. The canon list is only there to offer some face claims from the theatre community for our members to work with. Though it is not required that you use these canons, administrators would appreciate if you at least thought of trying to, even if you orphan the character later.

Keep in mind that this is a real life based RP, meaning things work as they would for us. If your character is drinking/on drugs etc, they're going to suffer side effects from doing so. Characters stick to proper gender limitations, e.g. men are typically (but not always) stronger than women (a guy who works out is obviously going to be physically stronger than some regular skinny person) and only females are able to give birth.

On this site we speak in third person past tense. It’s easier to understand what’s going on if we all post the same.

Please check your posts for spelling and grammar errors. We understand if it’s late and you are tired, but try to keep it under control.

Cursing is allowed, but keep it reasonable

Ask a person to do a topic with you before you post it

Please reply and post topics, and applications with the character account used in the topic

If your topic contains, or you think will later contain heavy sexual references (smut), or possibly triggering material, please place a warning in the topic description and/or use the red color feature for your topic title.

There is no character limit

Try not to have all the same character type

Do not create a character related to someone in any way (sibling, boyfriend, girlfriend) without asking that person first, unless the relationship is indicated in the canon list, or you are filling a wanted ad.

Relationships on this site in the main role play area are one relationship per character. To role play any other relationship, please use the sub plotting category

Make sure all characters are okay with a story line before you post it.

Please do not play both members of a couple. This defeats the purpose of role play. If you play two characters and you wish to do a topic with them. PM an administrator and have them temporarily change the password to one of the accounts and ask another member to play that character for you, or use the self threading area.

The password for your application is: Papes

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King of New York: Rules
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