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 Ripley Academy Of Theatrical Arts: Rules

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PostSubject: Ripley Academy Of Theatrical Arts: Rules   Mon Feb 04, 2013 11:28 am

Dear Students,

If you expected your years at our academy to be your typical college experience, with lots of wild nights out drinking, crazy parties, and last minute cram sessions until three AM, then you may need to rethink your enrollment here before your time as a student begins. Please remember that this academy once functioned as a private high school, and in many ways still runs like one. This academy prides itself on strict disciplines that give our graduates the focus, maturity, and drive to excel in this business.

You will receive all the important information that you will need to know about your time as a student here, such as your dorm assignments, your classes, and a map of the campus. We strongly suggest that you familiarize yourself with these materials before the term begins. We allow walk throughs, and early move ins as early as one month before the start of the semester, and two weeks before if you join us in the middle of a term. Use this time wisely. Tardiness because you have not familiarized yourself with the campus will not be tolerated. Below you will find a list of rules, and guidelines you will be expected to follow once you become a student at our academy. Learn them, and learn them well, ignorance is no excuse.

- There is no dress code here at the academy. We're all adults here, you should be able to decide for yourself what is appropriate and what isn't. Also, please remember to keep in mind the classes that you are taking, and the things you may be asked to do during those classes when choosing your attire. If you have to leave a class in order to change for any reason, it will be your own responsibility to learn the material that you missed. Class does not stop if you have to leave, and staff is not required to given private lessons to students who miss their classes for these reasons.

- To ensure that our students are well rested, and at their best, all students are asked to be in their dorm suites by no later than 1:30 AM, with all dorm suite lights off by no later than 2:30 AM on school nights. There is no curfew on Fridays, or Saturdays.

- Our campus is a dry campus most times of the year, no alcohol, drugs, weapons, or illegal substances are to be on campus at any time. On special, announced occasions the alcohol ban will be lifted, but only for the announced amount of time. All alcohol must be disposed of after the announcement is made that the ban is no longer lifted.

- All laptops, cellphones, iPods, and other small collectible and/or electronic devices must be handed over to the front desk to be recorded, and signed into the computer system, as well as all medication being recorded by the campus health center. This is for your own safety and to prevent theft.

- You do not have to have your meals at the campus food court if you do not wish to. Each dorm suite will house six students, in dorms of varying sizes, a bath, and shower space for each dorm, a central living space for all dorms in the suite, as well as a central kitchen area. You, and your suite mates, will be responsible for keeping all areas with the dorm suite clean. You may keep a mini refrigerator, and microwave in your dorm area if you wish to do so. The academy is not responsible to provide you with food to be cooked in the in-suite kitchen.

-- If you are going to miss a class due to illness, you must e-mail your teachers by the end of that class period, and then report, or call someone from the campus health center to come examine you. If you do not do these things, you will forfeit the right to a private lesson to catch upon what you've missed. Once you've been seen by a campus health center nurse, or physician, they will e-mail the teacher whose class you missed, and the teachers of any other classes you may miss. Absences from class for reasons such as family emergencies may be taken up with each individual teacher either before, or after you return to campus. Absences, and tardiness because you 'don't feel like going to class' will not be tolerated. If an excessive pattern of this type of behavior persists, you may be put under probation by the academy, an if it continues after that point, you may be asked to leave the academy.

- Because the health of our students, and staff is important to us, academy staff reserve the right to ask that a student be seen by a campus health center professional at their own discretion, as well as random health screenings throughout the term.

Remember, read these rules well, and be mindful of any additions, or changes to the above guidelines, it is your responsibility to know them.

- Academy Staff

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Ripley Academy Of Theatrical Arts: Rules
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