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Please register all character accounts with first, middle, and last name, in full capitalization. Example: JANE ELIZABETH DOE.
Please remember to fill out all proper claims for your character, and post in code.
Students, please complie your schedules, and pm them to one of the staff members. Your final schedule will be posted here.

Welcome to KING OF NEW YORK, an academy of theatre arts role play set in the fictional Ripley Academy, in New York City. KING OF NEW YORK has no minimum word count, and no maximum character limit. Please feel free to look around, and join if you feel this is the right site for you. We hope to see you on the boards!

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We just opened on date here

There are currently no bans in place.

The current Time/Season is Winter Semester, 2012-13 school year

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Students at Ripley Academy are grouped a little bit differently than they may be in other universities. Yes, the first four years are done just like they were in high school: Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, but what about after that? What if you go for a second degree, or a third, even? Simple, you start the cycle over again. Let's say you're going for your second degree, we'll say...as a playwright, though you did a double major with acting and voice last time around, you want to be able to do another double now that you're finished with those. So you enroll in the playwright program your fifth year at the academy, playwright, and...dance maybe? Yeah, dance sounds good, can always enroll in the composing program later if you aren't sick of this place by then. Well, guess what, seeing as you're going into these programs for the first year, you're a freshman again, and the cycle continues from there no matter how many years you spend here, or how many degrees you get.


Ah, our lovely Ripley Academy staff, and no, this doesn't just mean the teachers. The staff member group includes everyone from teachers, to campus physicians, and nurses in the health center, to campus food court workers, maintenance, and repair staff, janitors, everyone employed my the academy. Some are alumni of the academy, who decided to teach rather than perform, or earned their degrees at theatre educators during there time here. Some may have even once spent time on the grand stage for a while. Either way, now they're here ready to assist the next group of students any way they possibly can.


This is going to be the shortest description you see here, but I feel the need to make sure that this is clear, this member group is for the family members of current students, or staff at Ripley Academy. Does that mean that you can't apply for someone who is a family member of our "Other" member group? No, it does not, but those characters will not go in this group.


This is the final member group here on KING OF NEW YORK. Three different character types can be sorted into this group: Graduates, Citizens, and Others. Graduates is pretty self explanatory, this part of the member group will be used for former academy students who did not go on to work for the academy, and are in no way related to anyone working, or studying there now. Citizens are just your average, everyday New Yorkers, who, like the graduates in this group, have no relatives associated with the academy. Finally, the others, these are your characters from out of town, maybe even out of the country, your tourists, your casting director from LA, those types of people.

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